See what our customers say about us:

"I was seriously injured in a car accident a few years back, Jerry Pusch helped me every step of the way. I could not ask for more from his firm. They are a compassionate group of people. I would recommend them any of my family members if they ever got hurt"

- Joseph A.     (9th July, 2014)

"Great staff! The firm was very professional when they handled my case, and was prompt in answering all my questions. I would go to them first regarding any legal question I have, regardless if its not injury related"

- Samantha K.     (15th October, 2014)

"My daughter was in a serious car accident and we needed help to recover medical bills from the driver who was drunk at the time of the accident. Jerry Pusch was quickly handled the case for us, and we quickly received a favorable settlement from the other driver's insurance company. His firm handled every detail and was able to settle the case without going to trial. He really made us feel like he had our best interests at heart, are rarity in attorneys in my opinion."

- Matt W.     (24th September, 2014)

"All I can say is my family was in good hands when Jerry Pusch and his team handled my truck accident. I was left with a huge gash on my right arm when a tow truck crashed into my car."

- Stephen A.     (17th July, 2014)

"My experience with the law firm was outstanding. Highly recommended!"

- Deandre J.     (5th November, 2014)

"Simply the best experience I could have asked for!"

- Mo S.     (11th June, 2013)

"I got into an auto accident and was about to settle with the insurance company. I'm glad I called Pusch and Associates Law Firm. I didn't even know what a personal injury lawyer was before. Im glad i contacted Jerry Pusch"

- Roberto G,     (7th January, 2013)

Love how well the entire team treats you! So welcoming and so helpful! Jerry is a great attorney. I will definitely recommend him and the team to all my friends!

- Fred L.     (10th December, 2014)